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The Key to Inspiring & Engaging Your Mid-Level Donors

This PREMIUM course brought to you by Nonprofit Academy

We’re starting to sound like broken records. We pay lip service to mid-level donors, we know they exist, but we have been virtually ignoring them for 10+ years. The truth is that they are a unique donor pool within our programs, with different needs, different giving behavior, and they aren’t inspired by or engaged in our work. It’s time to change that!


  • Find out the potential of a dedicated mid-level fundraising program
  • Learn the indicators of capacity and engagement-related behaviors that mid-level donors are showing you every day
  • Hear about the hybrid approach you need to implement to maximize revenue growth among mid-level donors
  • Discover 3 organizations exploring mid-level giving and seeing great results
  • Learn 7 actions you can take NOW to start seeing growth in your fundraising program