The Nonprofit Recurring Giving Benchmark Study, by NextAfter

The Nonprofit Recurring Giving Benchmark Study is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

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Recurring donors are up to 4x more valuable than one-time donors. Can you image the impact your organization could have if you could multiply the donations of your one-time donors by 4x?

Every major increase in donations and giving that we have found over 1000 fundraising experiments has come from empathizing and listening to donors. So we wondered what we might find if we looked at recurring giving from the donor’s perspective.

In January 2018, we teamed up with to make recurring donations to 115 organizations across 9 different verticals, tracking every data point and asking 3 key questions:

– What does the donation process look like?
– What does the communication with recurring donors look like?
– How do organizations handle lost, stolen, and canceled credit cards?

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