Your Quest for the Perfect Nonprofit Clients

Your Quest for the Perfect Nonprofit Client

Your Quest for the Perfect Nonprofit Client

Who are you?  Who are your right clients? The right answers will make your life much easier, and your business much more successful. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to do anything the client needs, for any client who comes to your door (or phone, or email).  It’s admirable. It makes sense. And it’s completely wrong. Wrong? Yup. The Niche-Target Market Combo Pack will show you how less really can be more by defining exactly who you are, and who your clients are, too. What do you get?

  • Thirty-two counterintuitive video minutes in 12 easy-to-digest segments (with two short workbooks) that could completely change the direction of your business, which could lead to…
  • More clients in exactly what you want to do, which could lead to…
  • A lot more satisfaction with your work, and…
  • Increased income. 

That’s a lot. Sign up right now. 

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Estimated Time: 12 Lessons/ 35+ minutes + workbooklets

Quest of the Perfect Client

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