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When we drive, the car will go wherever our eyes focus. The same is true of life and leadership. Whatever we focus our time, thoughts and energy on creates our reality for our lives, our careers and our organizations. The power of visualization (and rumination) is very real. If you could create your situation, what would that look like? What would happen for you personally? For your family? Your career? In your workplace? What would your organization look like? What would change for your clients and community? We will use this Zoom meeting to help you to create a visual that will help you focus on your vision, goals and objectives, as well as provide techniques to keep you mentally sharp and focused. You will need a poster board, old magazines and newspapers, glue stick and anything else you’d like to add for artistic expression. Nonprofit Utopia members can participate in office hours to ask questions and post pictures and reflections in the discussion forum.

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