The Smart Way Development Audit

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1 Lesson/ 22 minutes / FREE

During the current crisis, we finally have time for the things we never have time for. And one of those is assessing the health and resilience of your development shop, with a development audit.

Development audits have a mixed reputation. They may be feared because of the anticipated costs and disruption of hours of consultant time interviewing people. Some folks are wary of such audits because they see them as “just another excuse” for consultants to charge more money.

Neither of these concerns has to be true. 

A useful development audit will unlock the secrets hidden in your development shop. It will:

  • Get insights from as many people as possible, to illuminate their understanding of how your revenue-generating efforts actually function.
  • Reveal what’s working and what isn’t, so your improvement initiatives will be well targeted.
  • Show where there are gaps in understanding between (or within) members of the development team, including volunteers, program staff, board members and others.
  • Provide data (evidence) about your organization’s current realities.

In Part 1 of this two-part track, you will learn why development audits are valuable, ways you can self-evaluate, and where it pays to seek outside assistance in the process.