The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages with Brady Josephson, by NextAfter

The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages with Brady Josephson is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

1 Lesson / 93 Minutes / FREE

For any organization to raise money online, a donor has to land on a donation page. And based on brand new research from RaiseDonors and NextAfter, every organization has room to improve their donation page.

In fact, after analyzing the donation pages of 204 nonprofits across 12 verticals, we found that…

• 40% of nonprofits require non-essential information to complete a donation
• 78% of organizations use ‘Donate’ language instead of ‘Give’ or ‘Support’
• 54% of nonprofits don’t pre-select a preferred giving amount

In this webinar, you’ll discover everything we learned from these 204 nonprofit donation pages, and get more data-driven insights to help you:

• Use copy to communicate why someone should give
• Upgrade one-time donors to recurring donors
• Improve your online giving experience
• And much more.

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