The Surprisingly Simple Secret to a Successful Email Welcome Series with Courtney Gaines, by NextAfter

The Surprisingly Simple Secret to a Successful Email Welcome Series with Courtney Gaines is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

1 Lesson / 80 Minutes / FREE

If you search for “nonprofit email welcome series”, many of the top results will tell you that effective welcome emails use:

Eye-catching subject lines
Consistent sender names
Visual elements in your design
But the truth is that most fundraisers waste their time trying to sound catchy, appear super creative, or adhere to “best practices” that they miss the most important aspect of email fundraising:

People give to people.

In this free webinar, we’re going to take a deep-dive into what we’ve learned about creating humanized email fundraising from over 2,500 online fundraising experiments and crafting real email welcome series for countless nonprofits.

What you’ll get in the free email welcome series webinar

Courtney Gaines – a seasoned optimizer running rapidly growing online fundraising programs – will be breaking down a proven methodology for crafting humanized emails that resonate with potential donors.

Over the course of an hour, she’ll equip you to implement humanized emails in a welcome series that leads to meaningful results.

What do we mean by meaningful results?

Ultimately, you shouldn’t care about getting more clicks if they don’t lead to more donations and revenue. All the strategies that Courtney shares will be focused around key outcomes including:

– Increasing new donations
– Boosting your email fundraising revenue
– Creating meaningful relationships that lead to new donors

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