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The Sweet, Introverted Spirit of Elijah McClain #gonetoosoon: | TIS Ep. 17, by The Introvert Sisters

The Sweet, Introverted Spirit of Elijah McClain #gonetoosoon: | TIS Ep. 17 is FREE courtesy of The Introvert Sisters

1 Lesson / 28 Minutes / FREE

Police violence against Black people and the trait of introversion come to a bizarre, painful, and tragic confluence in the case of Elijah McClain. The sisters, like all BIPOC, were shocked and devastated to learn about this gentle introvert’s murder at the hands of police. Join them as they unpack what happened, and discuss why, no matter how non-threatening you attempt to appear, every Black person is always at risk of losing their life to the police at any time. Plus: From fireworks to lynchings, it seems as though there is an outright war on Black and brown people in the U.S. Listen in as we discuss it all.

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