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Time Management Best Practices When Working at Home: Focusing on What Matters Most

February 2 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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Understand the relationship between a self-care mindset and time management.


There are many books, articles, and workshops that focus on how to manage your time. What many of these resources are missing is that time management is an expression of our relationship with ourselves. When we don’t know what matters most to us personally or when we don’t honor what matters to ourselves, we are always reactive to outside influences. That sets us up to experience time as something we don’t have enough of compared to all the external demands coming in on us. Instead, we should be using time as a tool to help us realize our purpose and navigate the environment we are currently living in to do that.


This topic will help individuals understand the relationship between their self-care mindset and practices with how time management works for or against them. That includes using the critical skills needed to be successful at radical self-care, including purposeful mindset, internal locus of control, priority setting, managing expectations, and boundary setting. This material will also review the three Cs that enable success with the above – consistency, care, and creativity.


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