Facing Fundraising Fears: Get your Board Involved and Loving Fundraising

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Small bites of big topics. Being a board member has multiple responsibilities. Board Bites are introductions to important topics. You will gain fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of board leadership.

Healthy You. Healthy Nonprofit.

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In 2020, let’s be mindful of our healing process before trying to help the clients of our Nonprofit’s shift their life. Many of us start Nonprofits believing if we focus on helping others, we won’t have to focus on our own healing process. Anything you do, Nonprofit or not, is a manifestation of you. Make sure its a manifestation of the best version of yourself.

In this video, I’ll share some tips that may be a nice addition to your self-care/healing practices.

Doing A Lot with a Little

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1 Lesson / FREE / 25 minutes

Regardless of the size of your nonprofit, you’re probably always looking for a way to leverage resources to do your work.  As Nonprofit Visionaries, we are tasked with making things happen with little to no budget.  In this video, I share a few tips on how to do a lot with a little while ensuring the greatest impact!

Assemble Your Nonprofit Mastermind Group

Brought to you FREE courtesy of Shalita O’Neale

1 Lesson / FREE / 24 minutes

If you’re going to solve one or more of the world’s issues with your nonprofit vision, you’ll need to convene a Mastermind Group for your nonprofit, comprised of individuals with talents and skills that will help you develop an approach for your nonprofit that will ensure your success. This video will tell you more about Mastermind Groups and how to create one of your own!