Change Agent Interview Series – Meet Matt Hugg

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In an effort to promote global champions of change, we have set an extraordinary goal of interviewing 1000 people this year who are change agents in their communities. Tune in as our interview guests share how they are contributing their gifts, skills, experiences, resources and wisdom to create a better world. Learn about the different causes and initiatives they care about. If theses causes resonate with you, reach out to our interviewees and offer up your superpowers.

Independent Contractor vs. Employee

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Are you a business (or nonprofit) that needs to hire on help and you are unsure whether you should hire on an employee or an independent contractor? Are you an independent contractor who feels as though your client(s) are treating you as an employee, but paying you as an independent contractor? This video talks about the differences between an independent contractor and an employee especially concerning the right to control.

Writing a Successful Letter of Commitment

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See Writing a Successful Letter of Commitment

Want to be Amazing at Writing a Letter of Commitment?

Here’s How:

This short module breaks down the steps of the dreaded Letter of Commitment!

  • Not sure how a Letter of Commitment is different than a Letter of Support of Memorandum of Understanding?
  • Confused when it comes to defining the value of your partner’s contribution?

This module will clearly & quickly break down the following:

  • What a Letter of Commitment is
  • What a Letter of Commitment isn’t and why
  • What the Format is of a Letter of Commitment
  • How to Write a Salutation and What to Include
  • How to Define Time and Value of Volunteers
  • What all to Include in the Letter of Commitment

This module also includes the following:

  • A Short Video
  • Podcast Link on the Topic

No longer be confused!

Stop downloading contradicting Letters of Commitment!

Get the knowledge, the sample, and the template all in one go!