Misconceptions About Nonprofit Boards and Governance – Boardable Webinar

Misconceptions About Nonprofit Boards and Governance – Boardable Webinar is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 64 Minutes / FREE

Is your board of directors confused about the role of a board member in relation to the board as a whole?
What are the responsibilities of a single board member versus the whole board? Can boards actually do fundraising as a whole? Are individual board members liable for governance?

Learn the answers to all these questions and much more in this discussion with nonprofit board veteran and expert, Simone Joyaux. Included in the webinar is a free handout and Q & A time with our guest.

Join us for a free webinar that clears up board misconceptions on November 18. “So much confusion! So many misconceptions! And the right people don’t know the right stuff.” –Simone Joyaux

SOME OF THE MISCONCEPTIONS CLEARED UP IN THE WEBINAR: What INDIVIDUAL board members are responsible for (hint: not the same thing as the BOARD) How to communicate expectations of the board role to new board members Sample board member job descriptions, commitment forms, and performance expectations Time for live Q & A with Simone and copies of the templates listed in previous bullet Register today, and don’t miss the discussions of these points. Webinar is free, but space is limited. Can’t attend live? Register to receive the replay and slide deck!

About Our Guest
I began my career in the nonprofit sector in 1975, serving as the executive director of an arts center and arts council in Lansing, Michigan. I served as chief development officer for Trinity Repertory Company (RI) from 1981 – 1988. I became a full-time consultant in January 1988.

As a volunteer, I’ve founded two organizations, the first iteration of a statewide arts advocacy organization in Rhode Island. And in 2000, I founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, a social justice organization.

I regularly serve on boards – often ending up as chair. From 1999 through 2001, I served as Chair of the Board of CFRE International – the baseline credentialing program for fundraisers. During my tenure, the program achieved its independence and established itself internationally.

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Learn How You Can Increase Revenue All Month Long – Boardable Webinar

Learn How You Can Increase Revenue All Month Long – Boardable Webinar is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 72 Minutes / FREE

What difference can a board member make on fundraising between board meetings? It’s more than you think!

Another year serving on the board can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. After all, you’re a volunteer and your participation is ONE of a long list of responsibilities. But you do want to make an impact by helping the organization get the funding it needs! That’s why you’ve got to maximize your time on the activities that really LEAD to the size gifts your nonprofit needs.

And before you say it… You don’t have to ask people for money (I promise!). There are LOTS of things you might actually be comfortable (and enjoy) doing that leads to healthy revenue generation.

Sherry is going to teach you things you can do that lead your prospects and donors to giving their best gifts to your organization – creating a sustainable, financially strong organization for years to come.

– How you can stop the fundraising-guessing-game and start doing the activities that make the biggest impact on the bottom line
– How your approach to annual budgeting and financial oversight might be keeping your donors from giving and your organization from growing
– How to equip your ED to help YOU be the best fundraiser you can be
– Ways to accomplish revenue growth even in a virtual board environment
– Answers to our live Q & A

About Our Guest:

Sherry Quam Taylor teaches nonprofits how to pivot from small-dollar donations to securing larger, investment-level donations so they can be fully funded. The people she works with are experts in their mission or business fields, but when it comes to individual donor fundraising, they’ve simply never been trained on how to do it, so it feels uncomfortable and frustrating. She helps them learn the exact steps to launch a mid- and major level gift program that feels comfortable, involves less dread, and fully funds their mission for the long-haul. She does this nationally through her 90-day LET’S GROW Fundraising Accelerator.

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Unlocking the Mystery of Donor Retention with Barbara O’Reilly, by Boardable

Unlocking the Mystery of Donor Retention with Barbara O’Reilly is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 68 Minutes / FREE

Learn how your nonprofit board may hold the key to donor retention in this informative webinar presentation from development expert, Barbara O’Reilly, brought to you by Boardable Board Management Software.


– What REALLY matters to donors and how it affects their giving decisions
– How board members can be a key component of donor retention strategy
– Ways to increase engagement with current donors and even inspire them to increase their giving

Get started with a free trial of Boardable today: https://boardable.com/resource/free-t…

— More About Our Guest —

Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE spent 20 years as a development specialist with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Harvard University, and the National Trust. Ten years ago, she started her own consulting firm, Windmill Hill Consulting. In addition to professional development, Barbara is a master trainer for the Association of Fundraising Professionals and president-elect of the Washington D.C. chapter.

Visit her website here: https://www.whillconsulting.com/

— More About Boardable —

Interested in how to make your board of directors more productive through the effective use of technology? Boardable is a board management software platform that centralizes all communication between you and your board of directors. Find the best meeting times, securely store all of your documents, archive discussion threads and more—all in one place.

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Board Organization & Strategic Systems for a HIGH-performing Nonprofit Board of Directors – Webinar, by Boardable

Board Organization & Strategic Systems for a HIGH-performing Nonprofit Board of Directors – Webinar is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 64 Minutes / FREE

Ready to kick your board into B.O.S.S. mode? Learn about Board Organization & Strategic Systems for a HIGH-performing board. If you’re a founder struggling with a board of friends and family who don’t actually further the mission, or if you’d like to equip your existing board to be more supportive, this webinar replay is for you.

We sat down with nonprofit expert Kamila Brown Washington to talk about HIGH-performing boards.

IN THIS WEBINAR, WE DISCUSS HOW TO: *Identify, recruit, and manage, an independent Board of Directors positioned to carry out your vision and provide the tools and resources needed to execute your program effectively.

*Clarify the expectations of your “DREAM” Team to deliver “result-driven” outcomes that will continuously *move the needle forward* by implementing a “Courting and OnBoarding Method.”

*Generate monthly Operating Capital by monetizing your Board’s position with the “Give/Get Policy.”

About Our Guest: Kamila Brown Washington, MBA, is a Chief Strategist/Online Charity Launch Coach to Nonprofits & Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. She is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Global Humanitarianism, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, and Management. Her strength in entrepreneurship provides Business Coaching to small businesses, start-up nonprofits, and entrepreneurs to help grow your community initiatives and expand their brand globally.

Kamila is the Founder/CEO of Kamileon Professional Development ). She started her nonprofit organization in 2008 with $0 and has generated over $4MILLION in revenue. The agency has leveraged its visibility globally through humanitarian partnerships in Kenya, Haiti, Brazil, Chile’, and Honduras. KPD provides professional development training, technology resources, wardrobe and image services to these impoverished communities.

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Board Engagement: A Must-Have for Nonprofit Success, by Boardable

Board Engagement: A Must-Have for Nonprofit Success is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 62 Minutes / FREE

Board engagement is crucial for the success of nonprofit boards of directors. Do you have issues with nonprofit board members who are unprepared, uninvolved, and underused? We sat down with a panel of nonprofit veterans to explore the causes of strong and weak board engagement, as well as methods to keep board members feeling invested in the organization and engaged in the mission.

Discover how to ramp up board member involvement by hearing from our elite panel of nonprofit consultants and experienced board leaders:
– Jeb Banner, Boardable CEO and Webinar Moderator
– Bruce Kidd, Former Board of Directors Chair
– Jen Pendleton, Nonprofit Consultant, CFRE, and VP at Aly Sterling Philanthropy https://alysterling.com/jennifer-pend…
– Fred Duncan, Nonprofit CEO, Little Red Door Cancer Agency https://www.littlereddoor.org/about/s…

What we covered in this webinar: – Learn what good board member engagement looks like.
– Discover the main causes of poor engagement.
– Find out what experienced board chairs, members, consultants, and nonprofit CEOs have seen produce game-changing board engagement.
– Explore the future of board member engagement tools.

This is an information-packed hour of thoughtful discussion and actionable advice on how to turn up your board’s engagement levels. This webinar took place on December 18, 2018.

Visit Boardable.com and find out how Boardable’s Board Engagement Software can provide you with the tools to streamline your board meetings and get all of your board members more connected.

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