5 Keys to Storytelling Success

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A great story can transform your fundraising program. This live webinar, with Vanessa Chase Lockshin, focuses on incorporating stories into your nonprofit communications successfully.

The Impact Method™

Savvy nonprofits follow a method

In today’s fast paced digital world, running a nonprofit with traditional strategic planning is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It just doesn’t work. To make an impact you need a new method.

Thriving Nonprofits use the Impact Method™

  • Strategic Plans are meaningful, powerful and always up to date
  • They have a roadmap to build their team
  • They have a system for continually improving
  • Their teams are agile, aligned and focused
  • Their brand is clearly defined
  • Key metrics mean something again

Unlocking your organization’s capacity with the Impact Method™
is easier than you think

Unlocking your organization’s capacity with the Impact Method™
is easier than you think

Build a Public Relations Plan Mini Course

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Public relations (PR) may seem like a tactic that only works for the “big guys”, but PR can strengthen even the smallest nonprofit’s outreach strategy!

With Nonprofit Jenni’s PR Plan Mini-Course, you’ll learn:

  • How to attract new supporters through PR, including donors, volunteers, and more
  • How marketing, PR, and fundraising work together
  • Where to find PR partners who can amplify your voice, including reporters, bloggers, and more
  • What to include in your PR plan with Jenni’s step-by-step process

This mini-course includes a manageable half-hour webinar hosted by Jenni to walk you through the process of building your PR Plan, and show you examples of successful nonprofit PR efforts. As a bonus gift, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of Jenni’s PR Contact Log template!

Income Generation for Non-profits, Course 1: Generating & Testing Ideas

Financially sustainability: From Idea to Action in 3 Short Courses

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57 Lesson / $159.00

What will I learn?

Course 1 will guide you through:

  • Creating your vision and mission for your social enterprise
  • Understanding the needs of your community and your resources available
  • Generating feasible business ideas
  • Testing & prototyping your ideas
  • Working out your finances and business sustainability

Top tips for non-profits to generate innovative and feasible social enterprise ideas

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This is part of our new webinar series on the topic of Generating new income streams for your non-profit by Teach A Man To Fish.

Together in this webinar we explore what an entrepreneurial mindset is, why it’s important to develop one; what empathy is and how it’s relevant to business planning, and we look into the first 3 steps you could take to start creating new income streams for your organisation.

We also share practical tools and activities which you can take away and apply with your teams in your organisation.

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The Pros and Cons of Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Mergers

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Have you been wondering if you might be better off joining forces with another organization? In this video, Sarah Olivieri, Mary Hiland, Gregory Nielsen, Matt Hugg, and Mike Burns come together for a dynamic and informative dialogue about the pros and cons of strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and nonprofit mergers. They talk about their experiences, what works and what doesn’t, and what to watch out for.

How to Use Zoom to Hold Your Support Group or Course Online

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With the world becoming increasingly more affected by COVID-19, meetings are being cancelled and many people are left without the support they are used to receiving. In this training, I’m going to talk about best practices for continuing to offer support virtually using Zoom, specifically for gatherings, support groups, and education.


-There was a question about if Zoom is HIPPA compliant. Zoom has a special product that is HIPPA compliant: https://zoom.us/healthcare

-After hearing a number of people were still experiencing the 40min limit, I did some research and found that Zoom has only lifted the limit on education accounts. It’s automatic for some countries and for others you have to request it. The pro account that I use is $14.99/month. If you need a bunch of pro accounts for your organization there is a tech soup bundle (https://www.techsoup.org/zoom)

How to Maximize Your Impact, Reduce Overwhelm, and Produce Results

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PivotGround and Shinedelight Enterprises have joined forces to bring you this webinar!

Learn how to maximize your impact as an organization and expand your reach. We introduce best practices that equip you with the tools and essentials to:

– Optimize your approach.

– Improve your processes, actionable plans, your overall ‘Modus Operandi’ – GROW. THRIVE.

With the recent changes in our society as a result of COVID-19, it has become increasingly important that nonprofits are able to sustain as an organization and to continue to be the change agents within their communities so that they can continue to provide supportive services.

Our bonus discussion will inform, equip, and enable you as an organization to develop key efficient strategies that can be easily managed for greater responses in times of crises within our society.

Creating Your Most Successful Year-End Fundraising Campaign

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1 Lesson / $47

The calendar year-end giving season is on the horizon and there is no time like the present to get yourself situated for a successful above goal year-end.

In this webinar, I “take you by the hand” and lead you through a framework that I developed that will help you to plan your fundraising today before the summer even gets into full gear.

Among what you’ll learn is:

  • What key annual fund metrics ensure the health and effectiveness of your nonprofit’s fundraising program
  • How to use a “framework” to help you plan your fall efforts today
  • How to plan a follow-up to your efforts now before you need to take action
  • How to engage your Board members in the annual fund sooner rather than later
  • How to hit the ground running in fall to ensure that you go “above goal!”
  • And, much, much more!

Incorporate these simple steps into developing a framework for your calendar-year end fundraising campaign and raise even more contributed income this year towards your mission than ever before.

This webinar will come with complete tools and templates including

Calendar Year-End Frameworks Planning Template
Sample: Gift Chart
Sample: Health and Effectiveness of Development Program
Resource: Calculating Your Key Fundraising Metrics E-book
Sample: Pre-call Letter
Sample: Lapsed Donor Post Card
Sample: Campaign Thermometer