Nine Guiding Principles for Successful Fundraising

This FREE course brought to you courtesy of Henry Freeman

5 Lessons / FREE / 2 hours, 30 minutes (in 5 parts)

What best practices are at the heart of virtually all highly successful fundraising programs?

The 8 Core Principles is a set of fundraising practices gleaned from Henry Freeman’s work with nearly 100 nonprofits over the past 30 years that he believes are the foundation for virtually all highly effective fundraising programs.

The Ninth Principle: Uncovering the Donor’s Transformational Story, focuses on the unique ability highly gifted, highly successful fundraisers have for nurturing and securing transformational investments in the institutions they serve.

Donor Finder System

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9 Lesson / FREE / 12 Hours

The best way to quickly discover if the Donor Finder System is the missing piece of your fundraising puzzle is to simply sign up for the FREE COURSE. This isn’t some fluff-filled sales pitch or boring slideshow session with some dude telling you to simply  “ask more people”. This is a real-time valuable 12 hour video training of proven, actionable strategies, templates and tactics, that once in place, automatically attracts, engages and converts more potential prospects into donors.

Writing and Publishing for Brand and Business Benefits

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Price: $499

See Writing and Publishing for Brand and Business Benefits by Content University


To give participants a sound background in writing and publishing for brand and business benefits—the why’s, the how’s and most importantly the “how to’s” of becoming a successful author and brand publisher and how to use these tools to establish and advance your brand, to generate leads, and to advance your revenue and business.


Within our online Content University™ we will cover the following topics:

  1. What is thought leadership and why engage in thought leadership publishing? Writing’s “new breed” and why it matters for engagement selling. Content Marketing. Case studies of unknown writers who’ve generated self-published books –columns that lead to massive followings, clients, business leads and book contracts. How to determine the right objectives for you.
  2. What you will learn. Finding a focus for your writing. Every individual alive is expert in at least a few topics others would like to know more about. Here’s how to identify your best focus for achieving your own top writing goals.
  3. Thought Leadership and finding your voice. Is it authoritative?  Entertaining?  What are its characteristics, and why these decisions and consistency will count.
  4. Finding your purpose and focus. Organizing your thoughts and your writing. The process of writing that make it pleasant and even inspiring instead of a dreaded work process and chore.
  5. Considering your audience, your readers. What are you revealing about yourself that you’re not aware of? Here’s how to avoid the most common mishaps and traps.
  6. Organizing your thoughts and writing great headlines. In becoming a solid author, your headline can make or break your success.
  7. Passing the ugly writing test and publishing your work. How and where do you publish for maximum outcome? Should it be Forbes? Harvard Business Review? Your own publication?
  8. Leveraging your published work to its maximum outcome. Each written piece should lead to multiple outcomes. Here’s where we’ll show you what to do for maximum use.
  9. Generating new story ideas. It’s not as hard as you think. We’ll walk you through the ways popular authors create their ideas and how they decide which their many potential ideas are best to pursue.

From the tutorials graduates will be invited to workshops and retreats designed to meet their specific needs to propel their ideal direction, which will enable them to become skilled and effective authors.

Custom Nonprofit Training through the Online Learning Portal

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Custom Course: $994 for 12 months of access

To provide just-in-time professional development training for individuals or groups, there is a great need for non-profits to be able to more effectively enlist or recruit new donors, members, employees, the sales mastery program is brilliant for consideration.

Academic Success Coaching

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  • $130 per hour for post-doctoral EPPP candidate
  • $90 per hour for graduate and doctoral student
  • $75 per hour for undergraduate college student
  • $65 per hour age 13 through adult before college
  • $50 per hour for child age 12 and under (and parent/adult consultation)

Provider: Eva Slater, PhD

Purpose: Empower individual students (all ages and levels) to reduce academic stress, prepare effectively for exams, master subject material, and complete degrees.

Structure: Dr. Slater provides academic coaching one-on-one by long-distance video call.

Primary topics covered:

• Academic success strategies, test preparation strategies, and academic confidence for children, college students, graduate students, and postdocs

• Psychology coursework for college and graduate students

• Dissertation coaching for graduate students

• EPPP exam preparation for post-doctoral psychology licensure candidates

• Pre-algebra

• Reading in English (includes training parent or other adult to assist)

About the provider: Dr. Slater provides patient, encouraging academic coaching. Her students switch from overwhelmed and stuck to confident and effective. She served on faculty at Argosy University and currently teaches privately, earning numerous five-star ratings from students. Her varied educational background includes coach certification and masters and doctoral degrees (MS and PhD) in clinical psychology. She received numerous scholarships and academic awards, including two from the American Psychology Association.

Children Reading Now

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

Custom Class: Learning materials fee for each child or family to be determined; under $100. Session fee: $100 per hour total for group of three or four children.

This pilot program teaches English-speaking children to read English easily without stress. The program features an approach that has been successfully used in person, extending it to reach more children by video.

The following format is suggested, but other formats can be structured on request.

Reading group (Group of children learning to read English by video call).

The reading group is comprised of three or four children who rotate through the session in fifteen-minute increments. Each child’s parent or designated adult attends the session, if feasible, and is given short exercises for daily follow-up practice with the child (15 minutes or less daily). Children within a reading group may vary by age and level, because each child is given individual instruction. Sessions with Dr. Slater are held weekly.

Goodbye Stress: A six-week course that changes lives

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Structure & Fees: The course is conducted in twelve 60-minute group calls.

  • $4,200 for an unlimited number of course participants
  • $780 per person for three to five course participants
  • $600 per person for six or more course participants;

See Goodbye Stress: A six-week course that changes lives

Class sessions are held live twice weekly for sixty minutes by phone or Skype.

Provider: Eva Slater, MS, PhD

Is stress harming your NGO team’s productivity, effectiveness, and quality of life?

Or, are your clients hampered by stress?

This course reduces stress for your NGO team or the clients you help.

Course structure: The course is conducted in twelve 60-minute group calls. Calls are held twice weekly for six weeks. Participants call in by Skype (or similar technology) for group sessions conducted by Eva Slater, PhD. Course participants will be taught how to let go of stress on the spot. Additionally, they will learn powerful stress-reduction techniques they can continue on their own if they so desire.

The course can be provided to either your NGO team members or your NGO clients.

Course customization (optional): The Goodbye Stress course can be customized to focus on the types of stresses faced by your NGO team members or clients. We can focus, for example, on the stresses of learning new jobs or roles, working to attain an important goal, relocating to a new geographic area, or other specific challenges. However, no specific focus is required; the course can embrace stress in general. Saying goodbye to stress frees our best skills, strengthening our effectiveness and well being.

Instructor qualifications: Dr. Slater is trained to help others let go of stress using The Sedona Method and other strategies. She brings to her work a compassion and deep respect that helps clients relax into the techniques. Clients report a big reduction in stress along with greater enjoyment, productivity, and effectiveness. Dr. Slater holds an MS and PhD in clinical psychology. When she is not facilitating stress reduction she teaches university students.

Disclaimer: The course is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental or physical disorder. Please have individuals see a licensed health professional if needed. Individuals in treatment can still benefit from this stress-reduction course if approved by the treating professional.

Language: An interpreter, if desired, will be provided for an additional fee.

NGO Clarity Session

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

Price: $70 for one individual for one session.

Time: The session typically lasts one hour but ranges from 30 to 90 minutes.

Purpose: The NGO Clarity Session is a coaching session for one individual. In the session we create your crystal-clear vision of your purpose and what you want to accomplish through (or within) your NGO; we uncover hidden obstacles that may be sabotaging your success; and you leave the session uplifted, re-energized, and inspired to achieve your vision.

The session benefits you as a stand alone or an introduction before enrolling in “NGO Success Coaching,” detailed above.

Structure: Dr. Slater meets with the individual one-on-one via phone, Skype, or video call for a single coaching session. The session typically lasts one hour but ranges from 30 to 90 minutes.

Increasing Your Brain’s Performance For Greater Leadership Success.

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

This is a Custom Course

Have you ever had a negative day as a leader? How did you feel at the end of it? Tired, drained… Now, have you ever had a positive day? How did you feel at the end of it? Energized. Isn’t there an increase in your productivity and effectiveness as a leader on that positive day? What would that do to your abilities and successes? You can have that outcome everyday!

This seminar provides a method for personal brain re-engineering, which enables you to adapt quickly and successfully to a changing environment. In this highly interactive program, Amazon bestselling author and top‑rated speaker, Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz will strengthen the skills you already have and give you the mental agility to add to your skills with surprising ease and confidence.

  • Learn how to rid yourself of the impact of negative thoughts.
  • Experience immediate changes in how you perform your job as a leader.
  • Learn a methodology to keep yourself running at high energy all day long.

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz‘ background is as unique as the techniques and approaches he teaches. He is a graduate of Hunter College and Northwestern University School of Law. He practiced as an attorney for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and received a Doctorate Degree in Holistic Health Sciences.

Dr. Teplitz has been President of his consulting firm and as a professional speaker, he has spoken at over 1800 meetings and to over one million people. He conducts seminars in the areas of leadership, management, stress management, employee productivity and sales development. He is the creator of the Switched-On Selling, Management, Start-Up Entrepreneur, Advanced Entrepreneur, Network Marketing and Internet Marketing Seminars.

Dr. Teplitz’ clients include the HFMA Chapters in, Arizona, Georgia, Central Ohio, North Carolina, Southwestern Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa, South Dakota, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, McMahon Illini, Nevada, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Jerry is co-author of 2 Bestseller on Amazon – Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success and Switched-On Networking: Balance Your Brain For Networking Success Other books he has authored include Managing Your Stress In Difficult Times: Succeeding in Times of Change, Brain Gym for Business, and Switched-On Living.

Articles on Jerry have appeared in such publications as Inc., Successful Meetings, and Prevention.

Jerry is one of only 600 speakers world-wide who has earned the title Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. He has been selected by the Professional Convention Management Association as a “Best-In Class” speaker and by the Canadian Society of Association Executives as an Association Excellence Speaker based on the quality and impact of his presentations.