Crisis Response Fundraising Plan

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This is the only template you need BEFORE a crisis hits. It’s designed to give you a pre-planning tool so that you’re not caught off guard if and when a disaster strikes. Major international and domestic disaster relief organizations use a disaster planning tool just like this to help them get into market early during crisis, allowing them to capture significant market share and revenue. Grab a copy of this today!

What You Must Know About CFOs

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What You Must Know About CFOs, by Stephanie Skryzowski

I told someone the other day that I am a CFO and they giggled and asked, “Umm, what’s that?”

So I thought I would explain all of the ins and outs of exactly what a CFO – that’s CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER – is and does.

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WHO is a CFO?

Stephanie SkryzowskiMe! Stephanie Skryzowski. I’m a Chief Financial Officer. This means that I’m responsible for everything related to the numbers. Analysis and reporting, budgeting, strategic planning. Many times it also means HR, IT, and administrative operations. A bookkeeper or accountant enters your daily transactions and looks at the past, while your CFO uses that information and helps you look toward the future, or “see around the corner”, to make better decisions for your organization.

HOW do I know if I need one?

Do you know your numbers? Is your profit margin or net income where it should be? Do you have a budget that you use to track revenue and expenses each month? How’s your cash flow?

If you can’t answer each of these questions with absolute certainty based on the black and white numbers, you probably need a CFO.

A CFO will change your business and the way you think about numbers. If she is the only finance person at your organization, aside from a bookkeeper, she will be your second set of eyes on the numbers and will make sure revenue and expenses are categorized accurately, so you have solid financial statements. She’ll look for cost savings and generate efficiencies. Your CFO is basically your numbers fairy godmother.

BUT what if I can’t afford another full-time position?

Totally understandable, and unless your revenues are in the multi-millions, you probably don’t even need a full-time CFO.

So a part-time CFO is your solution. Lucky for you, the freelance workforce is exploding! Oh, and I can help you too. Part-time CFOs are cost effective and offer an outside perspective that delivers invaluable input and insight to strategic decisions.

WHAT can I expect from a part-time, virtual CFO?

The first thing they will do is ask for a ton of information and do a deep dive into your numbers – they’ll need access to the accounting system, recent financial reports, and contact with your CEO and bookkeeper. This will help your CFO understand your business inflows and outflows, and she’ll be able to use this information to help you make strategic decisions down the line.

They may work on an hourly basis or monthly retainer (we at 100 Degrees Consulting prefer retainer!) and will likely prefer to work together for a minimum of three months. You will get the most of your relationship once your CFO has had a chance to understand your business and get to know the team. Plus you’ll get the benefit of a full quarterly analysis.

For reference, HERE is how we work.

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So what do you think? Are you in control of your numbers, or is it time to bring in the big guns and get an outsider’s expertise?

Creating a Nonprofit Website With WordPress: What You’ll Need

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You have a worthy cause or message you want to share with the world.

You know in order to get it out there and be successful, you need to take it online.

How exactly do you establish an online presence for your nonprofit? And cover all your bases in the process?

Learn how with this quick tutorial.

Professional Website Legal Pack

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Are you lost or confused on how to establish a professional online presence? Or maybe you already have a website, but you are missing the necessary “legal mumbo-jumbo” to protect your website content.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large e-commerce store, a basic “online brochure”, or a one-page landing page in ClickFunnels or Leadpages. You need the right “legal mumbo-jumbo” in place if you’re serious about exhibiting a professional appearance AND avoiding any potential legal drama.
The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. In a nutshell, your website needs to have the right “legal mumbo-jumbo” in place or else you could face dire consequences.

Now you’re probably wondering: how do I generate this “legal mumbo jumbo” to cover my tail?Let me introduce to you …

The Professional Website Legal Pack

I manage multiple personal and client websites. Many clients and prospects have asked me for assistance with drafting their legal web pages. At a minimum, every website needs a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. And then if you’re involved in affiliate marketing (making money selling other people’s products) and plan on posting affiliate links ANYWHERE, you need an FTC Disclosure.

I have come up with a package deal to take care of the “legal mumbo jumbo” for your online presence.When you invest in my Professional Website Legal Pack, here’s what you’re getting:

(DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney, and anything presented here or in the product content should not be construed as legal advice. When in doubt, do your due diligence and consult a legal expert)

1. Terms of Service Template

  • Delivered as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file
  • You need this to protect your online content
  • In case someone tries to take your online content and claim it as their own, this gives you the ability take legal action

2. Privacy Policy Template

  • Delivered as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file
  • You need this to ensure your online visitors that you take their privacy and confidentiality seriously
  • In case someone from the European Union (EU) randomly lands on your website – and you have no Privacy Policy in place – they can report you and get you in really deep trouble!

3. FTC Disclosure Template

  • Delivered as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file
  • You need this if you’re involved in affiliate marketing and plan on posting affiliate links anywhere
  • It’s basically something that states if anyone clicks on one of your affiliate links, you stand to make a commission

4. Instructional Videos

  • How to use and modify each template
  • How to place them on your WordPress website
  • Additional tips on ensuring a professional and presentable website

5. Unlimited Email Support

  • You can email me anytime you have a question or situation
  • I will do my best to respond within two business days


To sweeten the deal more, I’m throwing in two bonuses:

Bonus #1: Free Guide to the Most Common Online Terms

  • 43 page pdf that covers the most common Internet-related terms
  • Easy to understand explanations on the technical “geek speak” (such as domains, hosting, SSL certificates, etc.)

Bonus #2: Free Video on How to Set Up a Professional Email Address

  • In order to really present yourself well online, you’ll need a domain-specific email address (mine is
  • All you need is a registered domain, hosting account, and gmail account
  • This is an example of some of the video tutorials I do for my clients and prospects; I take the time to explain everything step by step

How To: Super Quick DIY Podcasting for Museums & Other Nonprofits Closed by COVID-19

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At Nonprofit.Courses, we typically don’t just link to an article. But this one is a good one. Content Expert Hannah Hethmon of Better Lemon Creative Audio wrote a fine piece for Medium on how to get a podcast up and running – FAST! Even after the Corona Virus situation, this should be a great guide on the basics of getting started in the podcast world.

See it here: How To: Super Quick DIY Podcasting for Museums & Other Nonprofits Closed by COVID-19