Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit Podcast

The Podcast for Nonprofit Pros like YOU!

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Nonprofit life isn’t just about fundraising. It’s about storytelling and data and email marketing and website content and demonstrating gratitude and advocacy and graphic design and copywriting and management and grant writing and… 

Let’s start again: Nonprofit life encompasses a wide range of topics. Sometimes, you don’t have time to keep on top of all of it. The Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit Podcast is here to help! Each week we’ll feature a sector professional with an expertise in a specific field related to nonprofit life. In 15 minutes you’ll have actionable items you can implement right away at your organization.

This podcast will deliver information that is relevant to any nonprofit role you fill. You’ll meet nonprofit experts who are more than happy to share their smarts with you. They’ll utilize their years of experience in the field to help you improve your work. 

Our goal is to help you broaden your horizons. Personal growth and professional development are not only important for you but they’re critical to the survival of your organization.

Listen, watch or read each episode.

Learn, implement and grow.

The Nonprofit Razzle Dazzle Podcast

The Nonprofit Razzle Dazzle podcast is hosted by Firefly Partners’ Jen Frazier and Taylor Shanklin.

We’re shining a light on real stories of impact. By uncovering nonprofit stories, we help to take the “frazzle” out of fundraising and “razzle-dazzle” you with ideas and inspiration that you can take to expand your own social impact. Subscribe on our website to be notified of our launch and brand new episodes featuring the stories of inspirational nonprofit pros just like yourself.

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Prospect Research Chatbytes Podcast

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Podcast interviews with leading prospect research professionals and others

Prospect research professionals share their stories, tips, and commentary on topics that affect our fundraising work and our lives. We also sneak in guests from outside our field to shake up our perspective on fundraising and prospect research. Hosted by Prospect Research Institute‘s Jen Filla.

Are You Increasing the Zeal of Your Donors?

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Do your donors bring you more qualified donor prospects?

Are they raving fans of your nonprofit?

Before there was Facebook or Twitter, there was “Creating Donor Evangelists”!

Learn how…by turning your fundraising effort on its head!

Fundraising isn’t getting easier. And fundraising letters are losing effectiveness. Donors are feeling caught between the combination of a recession and the rising cost of energy. And, donors are more distracted than ever with things like the ever increasing choices of TV channels, Tivo, social media, Twitter, Facebook…the list could go on. Traditional fundraising tools like direct mail are losing their effectiveness.

If we want our nonprofits to survive—and even thrive—we need to help our donors become “evangelists” for our programs. It’s always been more cost effective to retain donors than it is to attract new donors to our cause. Plus, these retained donors are more likely to talk about us to their friends.