Giving Heart Beat Podcast

Donna Valente brings you the Giving Heart Beat podcast!

Hey – Nonprofit Founders and Leaders, Changemakers and Dreamers—are you looking for new ways to amplify your message in the overwhelming noise and confusion of these uncertain times?

Giving Heart Beat is THE place to make connections and ignite sparks of compassion into forces for good, and together, turn Unsung Heroes into Everyday Super Heroes.

Conversations with dynamic nonprofit champions from Across The Planet reveal how they turned their Passion into Action, and Obstacles into Achievements. Creator and Host Donna Valente worked closely with Superman actor Christopher Reeve and his incredible wife Dana Reeve, and over 3 decades, built an extensive worldwide network of nonprofit warriors. It’s her mission to promote them.

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Radio Interviews with Career Coach Ford R. Myers of Career Potential, LLC.

Hear 20 Radio interviews featuring award winning career coach and president of Career Potential, LLC, Ford Myers!

  • Tips for Mature Workers – Local Job Network Radio
  • Using Technology in the Job Search – Blog Talk Radio
  • 7 Truths of Career Success – Wall Street Journal Radio
  • Job Search After Six Months of Unemployment – Business Talk Radio Network
  • Beating The Sunday Night Blues – KKNW Radio 1150
  • Career Tips – Blog Talk Radio
  • Get The Job You Want – WHBC-1480 Radio
  • Getting a Job in a Tough Economy – National Public Radio – KNOW
  • Get Hired – ABC Radio
  • 10GM – Ford Myers – 10 Good Minutes
  • Focus on the Economy and Work – National Public Radio – WUSF
  • 5 Job-Search Success Habits – ExecuNet
  • Get the Job, Even When No One Is Hiring – Secrets of the Job Hunt
  • Practical Advice for Career Success – The Career Mechanic
  • Disengaged Employees – Infinity Radio Network – WARW
  • Unemployment Update – Burlington Radio – WBZC
  • How to Avoid the Pink Slip – BluesClear Channel Network – WJJZ
  • College Grads Transition to Work – Dickey Broadcasting – WCNN
  • Career Management for Stability and Security – Results Radio – KFAQ
  • Get the Job – StudentsBlog Talk Radio

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Career Success Audio by Career Potential, LLC

Career Success Audio is FREE courtesy of Career Potential, LLC

What are the 10 most powerful career success strategies?

Career Success Audio is a unique audio program which explains these powerful strategies in detail. And you can listen to the entire program right from your computer or mobile device!

You’re about to discover a treasure-trove of career success principles, which will enable you to make a quantum leap in your own career!

This program is NOT just about getting your next job. It’s about taking charge of your career, creating the work you love, and earning what you deserve.

Career Success Audio gives you the career coaching and advice you need to become highly successful, and have REAL career security today, tomorrow, and any time in the future. By listening to this high-impact program, YOU can finally be in control of your career!

Career Coach Ford R. Myers has helped thousands of people Take Charge of their Careers, Create the Work they Love, and Earn What They Deserve. You can have career success too!

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Development Debrief Podcast

Kathryn Van Sickle brings you The Development Debrief Podcast!

The Development Debrief is a stories-based podcast that interviews donors, thought leaders, and professionals in the field of fundraising. Whether you are hearing about someone’s career arc, or their views on important topics in the field, each episode offers the opportunity to think creatively about fundraising.  

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Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit Podcast

The Podcast for Nonprofit Pros like YOU!

Listen FREE Courtesy of 1832 Communications

Nonprofit life isn’t just about fundraising. It’s about storytelling and data and email marketing and website content and demonstrating gratitude and advocacy and graphic design and copywriting and management and grant writing and… 

Let’s start again: Nonprofit life encompasses a wide range of topics. Sometimes, you don’t have time to keep on top of all of it. The Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit Podcast is here to help! Each week we’ll feature a sector professional with an expertise in a specific field related to nonprofit life. In 15 minutes you’ll have actionable items you can implement right away at your organization.

This podcast will deliver information that is relevant to any nonprofit role you fill. You’ll meet nonprofit experts who are more than happy to share their smarts with you. They’ll utilize their years of experience in the field to help you improve your work. 

Our goal is to help you broaden your horizons. Personal growth and professional development are not only important for you but they’re critical to the survival of your organization.

Listen, watch or read each episode.

Learn, implement and grow.

The Nonprofit Razzle Dazzle Podcast

The Nonprofit Razzle Dazzle podcast is hosted by Firefly Partners’ Jen Frazier and Taylor Shanklin.

We’re shining a light on real stories of impact. By uncovering nonprofit stories, we help to take the “frazzle” out of fundraising and “razzle-dazzle” you with ideas and inspiration that you can take to expand your own social impact. Subscribe on our website to be notified of our launch and brand new episodes featuring the stories of inspirational nonprofit pros just like yourself.

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