What You Need to Know Before You Start a Fundraiser with Matt Hugg

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“When you’re working with a nonprofit, you get caught in that ‘mission bubble.’ There’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to be able to do more than that. You need to connect yourself out to other resources, whether it’s marketing, human resources, or accounting so that you can actually carry forward your mission.” – Matt Hugg

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn all about:

–How Matt got started with Nonprofit.Courses

–His extensive background in teaching and online courses

–Learning new skills to further your nonprofit’s mission

–The diversity in the available courses on his website

–Behind the scenes of nonprofits

–The basics of successful fundraising

–The mathematical formula for fundraisers

–Three aspects you MUST cover to have success in raising money

–Overcoming the major challenges in fundraising

“There is an actual mathematical formula for fundraisers.”

The Gift Exchange Podcast with Sheila Azad

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The Gift Exchange is a podcast that offers resources for good living. Episodes are published in mini-series on a particular topic. This first mini-series is on the topic of ENERGY. In this mini-series, you’ll be introduced to some new resources to support your well-being and personal energy. The better you manage your personal energy, the more effectively and powerfully you lead. Tune in today!

Episodes are about 20 minutes long. If an episode inspires you, please gift it to others!

Podcast: The ROI of Why

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See The ROI of Why Podcast

The ROI of Why podcast is a Q&A with visionary leaders to explore how their organizations prioritize impact and purpose over profit.

Listen to us talk with key drivers in the corporate world who are committed to using their people, products and profits to give back and make a positive impact on their communities.

Helping Nonprofits Magnify Their Impact

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Listen to Helping Nonprofits Magnify Their Impact

Matt Hugg is the founder of Nonprofit.courses, an organization designed to help educate, train and inform nonprofit leaders and organizations. Matt shares his breadth of experience to a field where many people have to learn on the fly. Its an informative and inspiring chat.

Give a listen and leverage your time and experience for good

Marketing Challenges for Nonprofits (Episode 118 of the Prove It! podcast series)

Matt Hugg knows marketing and Matt Hugg knows non-profits, and the combination of that expertise has brought him to where he is today, sharing all of the knowledge with that community at his site. In addition to the robust library of resources on his site, he’s also the author of The Guide to Non-Profit Consulting (below).

On this episode, Matt is generous with his insights, and in a short ten-minutes, you’ll learn a lot, whether you’re a volunteer, leader, or board member or a non-profit or not.

Hear why marketing for non-profits is different than marketing for a for-profit company or organization.

Learn how non-profits deal with marketing to both donors and recipients of their services

Discover what resources are out there to help non-profits stay ahead of the curve and why starting with the basics still makes sense

Prove it!

Matt will prove it, by sharing a story of how multi-channel marketing made a significant difference for a non-profit.