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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Telephone Attitude, by Lorman

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Telephone Attitude is brought to you by Lorman

Learn tips, tricks, and techniques to create and maintain a positive telephone attitude.

We all have bad days … times when we simply do not demonstrate attitudes and/or behaviors that allow us to present exactly the positive image we want others to see. And we often expect people to accommodate our negative attitude as part of who we are with no regard for how productivity suffers because our self-imposed defiance. There are many benefits to creating and maintaining a positive attitude. Optimistic people can envision success and therefore are able to achieve goals. People are naturally drawn to others with pleasant, cheerful dispositions so friendships and relationships are easier to develop. Positive thinking can even give your immune system a boost, and optimism can play a role in helping the body fight off illness and disease. This topic provides tips, tricks and techniques to help you understand how your attitude impacts the level of service you provide. Learn to develop and demonstrate a positive attitude, evaluate your current telephone attitude, and stay upbeat during a busy workday. It’s up to you to hold yourself accountable for making necessary, beneficial behavioral changes for personal gratification as you strive toward customer service excellence.

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