Videos are killing your donations | Experiment 3970 – with Tim Kachuriak, by NextAfter

Videos are killing your donations | Experiment 3970 – with Tim Kachuriak is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

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Harvest Ministries was sending a mid-month update on their fundraising appeal for the month. The offer was the book Coming Home by James MacDonald. The offer book connected with the message of the email – prodigal children. The control email encouraged the click by asking the reader to watch the video about Greg’s son Jonathan who was a wayward child. While video can be very compelling and a great engagement piece, it also might impact the donor conversion rate because the video may be distracting from giving and we may lose the reader after they’ve watched the video.

We created a treated that was much more personal in nature and removed the video all together from the email and landing page. The treatment email had Greg personally sharing the story of his son Jonathan. We then had Greg make a personal recommendation of the offer book in the email and landing page and connected it back to his son Jonathan’s story.

We split the file and ran a test to see which version won.

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