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Volunteers Gone Wild: Managing, Disciplining, and Terminating Volunteers, by Lorman

Volunteers Gone Wild: Managing, Disciplining, and Terminating Volunteers is brought to you by Lorman

A difficult volunteer can cause more than a headache.

Learn how to protect your nonprofit from the legal issues that can arise from the improper handling of a volunteer. The non-profit sector is the third largest sector in the United States. NFPs have to follow all of the rules that govern employees and also the additional risks of a volunteer workforce. As such, HR managers and organization leadership need to be even more on their toes than their private sector counterparts. A good volunteer (which the majority are) can serve as the driver of an organization and be its most vocal champion. However, a volunteer gone wild will be an organization’s most vocal critic and can be its biggest liability. From wage and hour to harassment issues, the actions of volunteers need to be managed just as closely as your regular employees.

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