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We're always looking for people who want to become a Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert.  If you want to lend your expertise to the nonprofit community. then keep reading!

What subjects are we looking for? As it says on our homepage, Nonprofit.Courses is home to both Nonprofit Focused and Nonprofit Helpful content. Nonprofit Focused content speaks directly to issues that only nonprofits face, such as charitable gift fundraising, volunteer management, nonprofit accounting and the like. Nonprofit Helpful content includes subjects that nonprofits need to know about, but that everyone else does, too. Examples include human resources, how to speak in public, marketing and more!

What formats do we want? Nonprofit.Courses started as a video site, and remains that at it's core. However, we connect to podcasts, and documents such as whitepapers and checklists are good, too. However, we do not connect to blog posts and articles unless they cover a topic important to nonprofits where we don't have video or podcast content.

What defines an "expert"? Nonprofit.Courses wants to connect to people who know what they're talking about in every subject area important to nonprofits. You're expertise may come from experience, from academic learning, or both. You may also be surprised at what you're experienced at doing. For example, maybe you just went through a job search that transitioned you from the business world into nonprofits. How about a review of that process, what you see as the differences in the sectors and advice on making the change?

Do we connect to multiple content experts on one subject? Yes! There's no one way of doing anything... and people learn better from different voices. Bring your perspective and nuance!

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