Ask Dolph! Live!

Every week I get questions from podcast listeners, blog readers, and former clients who want some quick advice without having to go through the slog of hiring a consultant or paying out the wazoo for a simple answer.

And you know what? I am happy to help.

Usually, I respond with an email. Sometimes I answer frequently asked questions through the podcast. Recently, a listener suggested doing a live version. And that was a facepalm moment. Why haven’t we already been doing that!?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Strategic Planning (but were afraid to ask)

Feeling frozen by the uncertainty of COVID, the economy and the next election?

Sometimes we get stuck by uncertainty. Without a crystal ball, we aren’t sure if the next COVID variant will cause a shut down, whether inflation will rise even more and force double-digit increases in expenses and what the results of the next election will bring.


Environments like this one are called “VACU”: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. And we’ve all been there. When we’re overloaded by VACU, it can feel even more difficult to see through the fog and find a way forward.