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What If Introverts Treated Extroverts The Way They Treat Us?, by The Introvert Sisters

What If Introverts Treated Extroverts The Way They Treat Us? is FREE courtesy of The Introvert Sisters

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“Why are you so quiet?” “Are you upset?” “You need to come out of your shell.” “You should speak up more.” Every introvert has heard phrases like these over and over, and to be honest, it gets irritating. It can be difficult moving through life knowing that just by dint of how you exist, people consider you to be deficient, and that you need to be “fixed.” In this episode, the sisters turn the tables. They flip these questions and statements that extroverts direct towards introverts, in the hope that some behavioral mirroring will show extroverts just how messed up, judgmental, unhelpful, and unnecessary these kinds of words can be.

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