What People Say about Nonprofit.Courses

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Dawn Bunyon New Jersey, USA

"Approachable, knowledgeable, and easy to understand."

Ryan Iafigliola Georgia, USA

"Helping people identify and dissect the core issues needed for their success."

Jonathan Hughes District of Columbia, USA

"An exceptional communicator, instructor and practitioner."

Greg Wilson Pennsylvania, USA

"A blend of data, personal experience, and humor to effortlessly create easily digestible chunks that 'stick'."

Serena Livingston Pennsylvania, USA

"An engaging teacher! I enjoyed this classes immensely!"

Heidi Rixman North Carolina, USA

"I still use the model he explained to us that helps me and my team."

Jill Hay Pennsylvania, USA

"I continue to use the recommended readings and course material in my current development position."

Joel Yang District of Columbia, USA

"They are enjoyable as well as enlightening."