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What To Do When Marketing Gets Hard, by Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits

What To Do When Marketing Gets Hard is FREE courtesy of Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits

Are there times when marketing just feels like a grind? 

If you feel a weariness when planning your next e-communication, social media calendar or website update, it might be an indicator that something’s off. 

Maybe you are worried that your marketing efforts aren’t making an impact. Or that you don’t have enough help to create and implement the plan you see in your head. Or that your message has gotten stale. 

When marketing feels hard, it’s time to reassess and figure out how to make it easier. Because when your marketing efforts and your mission align and you feel confident that your outreach is effective, then you’ve got your marketing mojo back.

Today I want to talk about inspiration and processes that will make marketing more of a joy and less of a chore.

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