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When Meghan and Harry Met Oprah: Part 2 | TIS Ep. 36, by The Introvert Sisters

When Meghan and Harry Met Oprah: Part 2 | TIS Ep. 36 is FREE courtesy of The Introvert Sisters

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Trigger warning: suicidal ideation, depression, bulimia, and rape are mentioned.

There was so much to unpack from “The Interview” to end all interviews that we had to do a part 2. In this episode, we take a deep dive into Meghan’s mental health revelations, Harry’s unwavering support for his spouse, and how (randomly?) Tyler Perry ended up saving the day. Why does this matter so much? Because so many people – and so many women of color – see Meghan’s experiences reflected in their everyday lives. Because Meghan has reignited a much-needed conversation about mental health in general, and more specifically about how racism, bullying, and misogynoir all have serious adverse mental health effects. Join us as we continue the conversation.

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