Workbook Is This Grant Opportunity Right For You

How to write a grant application to the right funder and increase your chances of winning an award

A grant proposal is a lengthy project with lots of elements. Before you invest your time in writing a grant application, you want to know that you’ve maximized your chances.

One of the easiest ways ito ncrease your odds is to apply for grants that are a good fit for you and your cause. In fact, misalignment is one of the biggest reasons that grant applications are rejected outright.

This workbook is designed to help you find out if a grant opportunity is a good fit for you. A bit of well-placed time at the front end will improve your chances of an award … and identify funders who can become long-term supporters.

Workbook: Is This Grant Opportunity Right For You? is a Premium Course brought to you by Kathy Widenhouse, The Nonprofit Copywriter.

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