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Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) Masterclass

This 101 Blockchains course is designed to offer you a solid understanding of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) in blockchain technology. You will learn about the fundamentals of this method, probable application strategies in different industries, and technological background for proper implementation in the enterprise ecosystem. 

Every enterprise deals with an enormous amount of sensitive data, i.e., big data and data lakes. In the day-to-day operational phase, enterprises often require to share data proof points with business partners, customers, suppliers, or industry counterparts. However, the revelation of commercially sensitive underlying data might pose a multitude of threats. 

Zero Knowledge Proof can offer a viable solution to mitigate such problems. With this technology, a business entity can share specific properties of data to business counterparts for verification without revealing underlying sensitive data. You can use Zero Knowledge Proof as a standalone solution or incorporate it with an enterprise blockchain solution.


  • Module 1: Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Module 2: Data and industries where Zero Knowledge Proofs are applicable
  • Module 3: Technological background of Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Module 4: Prerequisites for Implementation and Solving Various Issues

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