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6 Steps to starting a thriving nonprofit in 2021 without Hustling, by Philips Nonprofit Consulting

6 Steps to starting a thriving nonprofit in 2021 without Hustling is FREE courtesy of Philips Nonprofit Consulting

1 Lesson / 9 Minutes / FREE

What does it take to start a nonprofit in 2021? It’s not just about the money. It’s also about the vision and how well you can communicate that vision.

Step 1: Understand that nonprofits are changing and adapting right now. They no longer have the same old ways of doing things like begging for money or asking for donations. So if you want your organization to thrive, then it’s time to change too!
Step 2: Figure out what new skills your organization needs so it can survive in today’s world – do you need better marketing? Do you need more volunteers? You might not know which skills you’re lacking until after step 3 when we talk about how organizations use their resources!
Step 3: Determine how much money and resources your org this video I share six steps to starting a thriving nonprofit in 2021, including tips on where to find funding for your organization! subscribe to get all updates

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