Cybersecurity Essentials for HR Professionals, by Lorman

Cybersecurity Essentials for HR Professionals is brought to you by Lorman

Learn best practices for keeping your company’s data digitally and physically secure.

This topic will focus on the unique role and responsibilities of HR professionals in protecting an organization’s sensitive data. The risk to the privacy and security of an organization’s sensitive, personally identifiable, proprietary, and financial information continues to grow as organizations collect more data, outsource functions that were traditionally performed in-house, and accommodate a remote workforce. We will take a look at the threat landscape, review the basic elements of data protection, discuss the role of HR in data protection, identify best practices, and walk through responding to a data incident. Whether your organization collects and processes employee personal information internally or outsources HR functions, HR plays a critical role in safeguarding employee data. It also plays a critical role in safeguarding the organization’s sensitive non-employee data. This program will help you identify potential risks and create action items to address cybersecurity risks posed by internal and external parties.

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