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Manager Documentation Do’s and Don’ts, by Lorman

Manager Documentation Do’s and Don’ts is brought to you by Lorman

Gain a clearer understanding of the importance of documentation for managers and supervisors.

Documentation isn’t just for staying out of trouble. Creating a system for tracking what happens makes budgeting, reporting, discipline, procedures, and many other areas easier to execute. Recording and retaining information can also give you a strategic edge in the workplace. This fast-paced program will give you hands-on practice in the art of documentation. With a uniform format and methodology for covering all the major areas of managerial documentation, you can be safe, compliant, and on a path to constant improvement. Tap into politically correct, defensible language to overcome blocks, so you can get information organized quickly and get on with your job – without any worries. Capture, organize and present ideas in a way that gets others’ attention.

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