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Top 10 Time Management Mistakes, by Lorman

Top 10 Time Management Mistakes is brought to you by Lorman

Become more productive by avoiding these time management mistakes.

COVID-19 has added more time complexity to our lives. We have adjusted, re-adjusted, taken a breath, and then have begun holding it again. In order to improve resiliency, knowing how to best utilize our time to maximize our productivity and happiness is even more critical today than just a short time ago. Now everything seems to be caving in on us again, and once again we must re-adjust. These 10 time management mistakes, while prevalent before these unprecedented times, are now more critical than ever to avoid. Learning strategies to avoid these mistakes can be immediately useful and will make a big difference in the short term and, with continued practice, make more time for what’s important. In this way, individuals and teams will be more productive than ever, no matter what the constraint.

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