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What to Expect from a Strategic Planning Facilitator, by Funding for Good

What to Expect from a Strategic Planning Facilitator is FREE courtesy of Funding for Good

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What to expect from strategic planning facilitators. Facilitators have a variety of experience and strategic planning methods. You need to understand a facilitators approach and style. Will the strategic planning process be over the course of a year or over a long weekend? You need to understand the facilitation style. Is the facilitator high energy and loud or are they more reserved? Based on your organization’s stakeholders, which style is best for you? If your team needs to be pulled out of their comfort zone, maybe some silly Icebreakers and that style is good. However, if your team would be turned off and lose the respect of the process, maybe a more conservative, business like approach is better. Next, confirm the method that the strategic planning facilitator will be using during the process. There are many evidence based methods for strategic planning. Did the strategic planning facilitator create their own method and if so, has it been successful? With their evidence based method can you get a little bit more information on when that method was developed when it was tested and some of the feedback on that process? Your facilitator should provide a strategic planning outline. Will they complete and conduct an environmental scan or do you need assistance from the facilitator? Is an environmental scan an added cost or is it included in the pricing fee? Will the facilitator create stakeholder surveys for feedback or are you responsible for that?

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