Assess Critical Needs – Nonprofit Board Engagement, by Funding for Good

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This video is part 2 on Ways to Maintain Momentum and Engage Your Board from a distance. Now that you have connected with your board members it is time to prioritize and mobilize. It is important to access critical needs.

Critical needs involve your daily operations and nonprofit programs that are part of the mission. Manpower assessments around staff and volunteers. There may be a need to work remotely or bring in more volunteers or rearrange schedules as priorities change. Its important to be aware of current resources and understand how to message these critical needs to the Board.

What should the Board of Directors know? It’s important not to overwhelm with information. Be selective and strategic. Then determine what the board CAN do. Make it easy and give them “specific” tasks. Determine what the Board NEEDS to do. Do they NEED to make an ask for needed funding or make an ask for needed volunteers. It’s important to communicate how achieving tasks/goals impact the community. Remember, people give to people not “projects”.

Nonprofits need to engage the board in action planning. Once you establish the agreed upon priorities, discuss and set timelines and ways to measure results or accountability.

Whether you need consultation, coaching, grant writing, research or development programming, Funding For Good can help you Grow for Good. Those of you who are checking us out for the first time – Welcome! We look forward to working with you.

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