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Top 10 Hiring Pitfalls, by Lorman

Top 10 Hiring Pitfalls is brought to you by Lorman

Make sure your hiring practices are in compliance with increased regulation in the hiring process.

Hiring for the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped workplace in a very tight labor market presents a myriad of new challenges for employers. These include effectively screening and interviewing candidates remotely without violating bans on criminal and salary history inquiries. Determining whether new employees would be required to work in the office, within a reasonable distance from an office, remotely, or a hybrid mix all impact the hiring process. Reasonable accommodation requests have skyrocketed in the COVID-19-impacted workplace and must be properly addressed. Increasing state limitations on noncompetition and confidentiality agreements and assessing applicants’ existing noncompete obligations add even more complexity. While AI applicant screening tools promise much, employers must be cognizant of the risks in such technologies. In short, employers face a gauntlet of challenges in effective and lawful hiring; and knowing the top pitfalls and how to avoid them is key to successful hiring in the pandemic-changed workforce. This topic provides the tools for avoiding top hiring process pitfalls.

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